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Steel session for Thousand new album

SUMMER 2017 Pedal steel session for "Thousand" Album currently on mix Thousand is the project of French songwriter Stéphane Milochevitch. He spent his teenage years in Texas, where he developed his musical and cultural identity. He started the drums at age 7, picking up many other instruments on the way according to his musical needs, to fill the four tracks of his cassette home recorder. His debut album, 12 raw acoustic folk songs (Arbouse recordings, 2008) revealed a genuine and straightforward artist, and received acclaim from critics and fellow musicians. Despite a lack of promotion, the press praised the album and American songwriter Josh T. Pearson covered and recorded one of his songs. While Stéphane Milochevitch is also involved in arts (drawings, album cover designs, band posters and shirts...), music remains his prime means of expression.  

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Steel and the rebels of Tijuana

SUMMER 2017 "Rebels of Tijuana" Pedal steel sessions Album currently on mix Rencontrés autour d'une projection obscure du mythique "Vanishing point", The Rebels of Tijuana se sont formés en juin 2008. Une escapade Rock n'roll qui mène les quatre mercenaires sur des routes ou l'on roule à fond la caisse en écoutant les compiles Nuggets, de la soul sudiste, des sensations mods, du yéyé endiablé ou des narguilés californiens bien tripés.

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Honeymen new album out now !

SUMMER 2017"Honeymen" new album release Album out now ! New recording project after several times far from the recording studios. Honeymen is a two men blues band (harmo lead /vocals & Foot Drum/Vocals/Guit rythm). These guys offered genuine chicago influences with a touch of southern spirit in memory of lazy Lester best shoots. - Album out september, 2017  

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