Studio Sessions

Every years i carry out sessions for many artists. Sometimes i move around but most of my work is done remotely and in my home studio. Now with clouding and computer software the responsiveness and flexibility are really impressive.
Most of my configuration is centered around a Protools HD system, an Antelope interface on a dedicated station with a Trident compressor preamplifier and home made tube DI box. Few plug-ins but only good ones upstreaming an analog audio chain with everything i like to hear when i play!
I mainly use two pedal steel: a Schild single neck E9 tuning and an Emmons double neck (C6/E9 tuning). I love the precision and flexibility of the schild a precise and fairly modern sound with additive harmonies deeper in the upper midrange. On the contrary, the Emmons is more organic and certainly a little more acute in the impression it leaves, the bass is more thundering than the Schild but less precise, it's superb!
The more important on a pedal steel is the impression of accuracy that the instrument give to you (once properly adjusted of course), it must be organic, the friction is light but far in the additive harmonies. I cannot explain this, the placement and especially the practice allow us to achieve this organic accuracy, like the violin in short.
I choose several configurations depending on what I should or have to do.
Overall I have two main amps: Nashville 400 Peavey and Hiwatt 100 type custom amp with two specific channels (I will come back to this later).

Solo exemple on my Mullen G2


-Protools HD-recording up to 24/192-Antelope discrete 8 DAW-Oram Trident préamp compressor-Akg 414, Schoeps mic.
Files delivered (Mono and/or stereo): Mic/Room mic/Tube DI/Effects/-Reverb wet/Dry...

Final tracks can be provided in the following formats:
- 8,16,24,32 bits.
- 44,100 Hz, 48,000 Hz, 96,000 Hz, 192,000 Hz.
- 2.1 to 7.1 & sub
Note: The worldwide CD and digital standard is 44,100 Hz. This means that for every second, there are 44,100 samples played. The higher the sample rate (the number of "snapshots" of sound taken per second), the more precise the analysis and encoding of music into digital data will be. The sample rate affects the range of audio frequency from the lowest to the highest tonal value that can be stored.

Steel session [different steps]

  • step.1 le silence [nosteel]
  • step.2 le silence [solo]
  • step.3 le silence [solo overdub]
  • step.4 le silence [final result]
Studio Sessions

Audio Path

Audio Path


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