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I've released many recordings over the past 25 years and therefore decided to dedicate this area to my last pedal steel recordings and productions as sound engineer.

On turntables

"gyrophare" Piz Palu festival (08-20-Swi)

Budymat medias pool

Look back

José & the wastemen "stories"

"sous les eaux" (live at Piz Palü festival)

Live session at "Piz Palü" festival, august 2020 - Switzerland.

The rebels of Tijuana "Lydie S" (official)

From Rebels of Tijuana "Asile" LP

"gyrophare" (official)

"Lydie S" - Live studio Jafar (Lyon 2018)

"Sitcom" Pauvre Glenda

"Pauvre Glenda" is a one man project surrounded by a myriad of musicians, friends and collaborators. Almost 30 years in the service of music as a booker in great music places such as Le Grandmix (Tourcoing) or "L'aéronef" (Lille). He now subdivided himself to devote his talent to a high-flying break.

Let's play

* My files are encoded in optimized audio listening quality, do not hesitate to wait a bit if your connection is slow.

While there is no doubt about the pop base, sung by an once again flawless voice, Kacimi takes particular care in sketching out, in the background, more adventurous atmospheres than it seems. The pedal steel has a terrible effect on us, bringing an almost Caribbean touch to this title. Without overdoing it, it brings a certain relief to the song, supports a strong romantic nostalgia, leaves us waiting, like this break occurring at the beginning of the second half of the title, revealing the passionate electricity of a more rock guitar. ".

KACIMI has just released “sous les eaux” (under water), a track which summons emotion and serenity, well suited for a Godard film. Romantic lo-fi undertones create calming waves of sound and imagined imagery when heard in isolation. I listened to it on a ride home from Malibu, thinking of crashing waves and pictured a gig in the south of France. The track is a modern play on classic French pop, painted with pedal steel and distortion, a love story set to Karim Ouelhaj’s film full of scenic beauty. Listen to it and build your own new wave film in your head, and watch the video of KACIMI and Ouelhaj’s cinematic interpretation that perfectly pulls you “sous les eaux.” 
-Alyssa Holland


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Stay Tuned

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